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Ford Cabin Filters

Developed and tuned for every single Engine type, Ford micronAir® proTect Cabin Air Filters are designed for optimum fuel-air ratio helping to ensure reliable performance and a long-lasting maintenance solution. They also help to provide highly effective virus protection and air filtration, to ISO and DIN standards.

More Than 99.9% Protection

  • For Coronavirus HCoV-229E and Influenzavirus H1N1, the Ford micronAir® proTect Cabin Air Filter has a proven reduction rate higher than 99.9%
  • It efficiently collects particles of 0.3 microns size or larger
  • The materials used in the Filter help to ensure reliable, long-lasting protection even under extreme operating conditions OFFICIALLY TESTED
  • The Filter has been tested in accordance with the DIN 71460 Part 1 & Part 2 Standard, for automotive interior Cabin Air Filters
  • Its effectiveness against Coronavirus HCov-229E and Influenzavirus H1N1 is according to the ISO 18184 testing standard
  • It meets the quality requirements for air pollution control devices protecting people with allergies inside vehicles

How It Works

  • The Ford micronAir® proTect Cabin Air Filter incorporates antiviral surface protection
  • The functional Filter layer is based on fruit extract for use in air handling and Air Conditioning Systems
  • The Filter’s active ingredient – a natural fruit extract – binds viruses in a protein envelope, which makes them ineffective.
  • The Filter does not contain nano-silver, which has been linked with possible toxicity

Active Ingredient

  • Citric acid monohydrate CAS-Nr. 77-92-9 and/or 5949-29-1
  • This natural fruit extract is classed as a Biocide in line with EU regulations

Our Recommendation

It is highly recommended to change the Ford micronAir® proTect Cabin Air Filter every 12 months to help keep your Customers fully protected

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