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Ford Batteries

Genuine Ford Batteries deliver the power and durability for today’s advanced Electrical Systems. Engineered for long life, Genuine Ford Batteries are designed specifically for the requirements of the new Ford vehicle, providing the performance and reliability.

AGM Batteries

Some newer Ford models feature ECOnetic Technology, which combines new features, including Stop-Start technology, to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and lower the cost-of-ownership.

These vehicles require an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Ford Battery to ensure they can cope with the additional strain placed on the Battery.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance & cycle durability
  • Reliable technology
  • Spill-proof
  • Life-time up to three times higher than Silver Calcium Battery

EFB Batteries

EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) are an enhanced version of standard Wet-Flooded technology. The primary benefits of EFB technology are improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability, which is necessary in a Stop-Start vehicle.

Features and Benefits

  • Longer life & high performance for Stop-Start application
  • Reliable technology
  • Good charge acceptance
  • Life-time up to two times higher than SLI Battery

SLI Batteries

SLI (Standard Lead-Acid) starting, lighting, and ignition Battery that is rechargeable.
Specially designed for Ford Engines.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance-free Battery
  • Genuine quality
  • Long life-time
  • Reliable starting power

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