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Ford Friction

Genuine Friction products help to deliver the performance experienced when the vehicle left the showroom. Not only do they provide balance between Braking performance and reduction of noise and vibration, they are built with exacting specifications to replicate the original Part, helping to ensure a first-time fit.

  • Restore new-vehicle-like, optimised performance and safety for specific vehicles
  • Widest possible operating temperature range
  • Engineered to Ford Motor Company specifications
  • All Parts must pass extensive laboratory and vehicle development testing for each individual vehicle model 27 different Brake System tests performed multiple times
  • Continuous product improvement that comes from over 100 years of experience
  • All recommended replacement Parts included
  • Processed with high-quality weighing, mixing, pressing and post-curing equipment
  • Made with high-quality raw materials
  • Product design in most applications includes high-tech materials such as Kevlar and fine-blank steel Backing Plates
  • Feature sophisticated use of Shims, Slots and Chamfers to reduce dusting, noise and Brake fade
  • Designed to balance the Friction coefficient between Front and Rear to minimise early lock-up during Braking
  • Tested and refined for maximum performance in stopping distance, durability, noise, Brake vibration, Pedal feel, fade and drag, Wheel dust and Rotor wear

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